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What is it?

uberBlogCreator 2 is the new version of a fantastic Web 2.0 property account creator and article uploader.

What does it do?

It creates hundreds, thousands (or more!) accounts on 16 different Web 2.0 properties, such as WordPress, Tumblr, My.Opera, LiveJournal and more. Even better, it uploads articles, links, images - whatever you want - to all those platforms!

Why would I want it?

Because it is amazing. Because in order for your site to be successful, you need thousands of high-quality backlinks. Now imagine if you had hundreds of different WordPress blogs with hundreds of articles all pointing to your website - and that's just one platform. uberBlogCreator now supports 16.

My own links? So it supports HTML?

Yes. uberBlogCreator has complete HTML support for articles that you're uploading. What's more, uberBlogCreator 2 can also grab the articles from feeds and post them to your web 2.0 account!

Why is uberBlogCreator better than the others?

Because it is. Competition is fierce. But uBC wins. For example, most other tools use the Internet Explorer engine to render pages. IE is slow. uberBlogCreator uses its own, headless browser. This means that uBC never downloads unnecessary images, styhlesheets, icons, JavaScripts... - only the things you need. Also, lots of other tools are incomplete - not including proxy support in article scraper is one example. uberBlogCreator includes proxy support accross all of its modules. And the best part? uBC is the cheapest of all the tools out there!

How is it better than the original uberBlogCreator?

There are over 100 new features in uberBlogCreator 2. We rewrote uBC from grounds up dedicated to delivering the best experience ever. Faster (multi-threading), four times as many platforms, multiple email account support, automatic drip feed feature, smart notifications, automatic error handling, support for article titles, article tags, article categories, randomly selected articles. Some of the main features are:


57.6x Faster!

We measured it. uberBlogCreator 2 is exactly 57.6 times faster than its already insanely fast predecessor. Unlike many other popular (and expensive!) SEO tools out there, uberBlogCreator doesn't use Internet Explorer to parse websites. Instead, it uses its own, ultra light and uber fast browser. In fact, registering a account takes literally 3.81 seconds.


More platform support!

The original uberBlogCreator supported 4 platforms. uberBlogCreator 2 supports 16. We hand-picked these platforms to deliver you the highest quality backlinks. All of our platforms are well known with a very high PageRank. WordPress, Tumblr, WikiDot, My.Opera, LiveJournal are all included - and many more! Create accounts, upload posts, tag them, categorize them...


More information at one place

uberBlogCreator 2 looks better. It simply does. Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, uBC2 now presents the information in an elegant fashion. You can also export the results from your project to a nice HTML table. Here's what uberBlogCreator looks like now:

For comparison, this is what uberBlogCreator 1.0 looked like:
Main View | Settings Dialog

What do others say about uberBlogCreator?

No. We won't bore you to tears with the cheesy, easily-fabricated "look at all these people bragging us" quotes. Instead, we're going to offer you something better

uberBlogCreator for a crazy low price.

That's right. We don't charge $150 a month like some other software companies. uberBlogCreator is faster, better, and offers more, but at a far less price. The price is so low you really own't believe it. And if that's not enough, we'll throw in a 30 day full refund guarantee as well!


In a nutshell

Feature Awesomeness
Account Creation Yes, one-click, easy to use, accross 16 different platforms
Article Uploader Yes, spinnable articles with title, ability to parse RSS feeds with advanced filtering parameters
Proxy Support Yes, public and private proxy support, with smart proxy testing alghorithms
Automatic Captcha Decoding Yes, DeCaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, CaptchaSniper, and BypassCaptcha supporrt
Automatic Email Activation Yes, uberBlogCreator will automatically confirm any activation emails sent by the Web 2.0 property
Multi-Threaded Yes, across all modules. Run up to 320 concurrent threads at once!
Random Usernames Yes, can random usernames on the go
Article Tags Yes, can tag all articles during upload
Article Categories Yes, can categorize all articles during upload
Random Articles Yes, can pick a random article from the list to upload
Spintax Support Yes, regular and inifinte-level nested spintax
Project Saving & Loading Yes, can save the project for use later
File Syntax Checker Yes, checks your input files for correct syntax
Multiple Email Support Yes, supports adding multiple email accounts (including your own server!) to use with registration
Smart Error Handling Yes, user-defined actions to take when registration problems occur
Work scheduler Yes, schedule multiple tasks to be performed at regular intervals
Human Mimicking Yes, completely resembles registration and account upload as if it was an uber fast human doing it
Custom Blog Titles Yes, use your own blog titles during registration process
HTML support Yes, supports raw HTML that can be uploaded as an article
Article Scraping Yes, accross 16 different article directories with proxy support!
Article Spinning Yes, using WordAI integration
Anchor URL/Text Yes, add anchor text with URL before and after every uploaded article
Keyword Recognition Yes, advanced keyword recognition - replace your defined keywords with links!
Self-hosted WordPress Yes, supports your own, self-hosted WordPress blogs as well!
More? Yes!

In Action: uberBlogCreator Scraping Articles

In Action: Just Uploaded An Article...

In Action: How fast is it?

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